If you choose the PRO PACKAGE or ELITE PACKAGE, meeting with your CPA TAX TEAM is included with the cost of your return.  Usually this meeting is once the return has been prepared and is not required unless you want to meet.

If you choose to have a meeting, the CPA TAX TEAM will review the return with you, answer any questions you may have, and ensure that you understand and are comfortable with the filing.  

Our best plan, the ELITE PACKAGE, includes a pre-return meeting as well with your CPA to discuss questions or issues before the personal tax return is prepared. Meeting with your personal tax preparer is helpful in ensuring your preparation is smooth and you have had an opportunity to ask any questions or notify the CPA about unique situations. This package also includes year-around CPA contact.

If you are on an accountant plan (professional accountants only) your packages DO NOT include CPA meetings.  If you would like access to the CPA team for questions and research you can subscribe to the Elite Support Plan.  Also, CPA meeting add-ons are available.  You can purchase those in the billing section of the Halon Tax software.

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