Halon Private Client can prepare your Form 1040 and the state return that goes with it.  If you are a sole proprietor, this is included in your package.

If you own an S-corp, Partnership, or C-corp, you must purchase the 1040 add on to have Halon prepare your personal return.

The Personal Return Add On includes:

Form 1040
Schedules A, B, and D
Form 4562
Form 4794
Form 8812
and many others....  

In fact, the personal add on will file every form you need to be in compliance with federal and state revenue authorities.  However, some items require an extra add on.  They are:

Rental properties ($15/mo for each property)
Local & City tax returns ($15/mo for each return)

Also, Halon does not prepare multi-state returns.  If you are required to file returns in more than 1 state, Halon is not a good fit for you.  In 2021 we plan to have that capability but not yet.

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