Retirement planning on your own can feel overwhelming and complicated.  Halon Private Client offers a simplified and easy to understand solution with our Retirement Plan add on service. We will guide you through setting up the plan, help you track your goals, and remind you of important tasks and deadlines throughout the year.  Everything you need to ensure your retirement goals are met.

All this from an intuitive software interface that we will setup and manage for you as part of your onboarding with Halon.  You’ll have your own login as well so you can watch your progress in real time.

Services included are:

  • Retirement Forecast
  • Budget Planning
  • Investment Recommendations
  • 401K
  • IRA's and more!

Halon Private Client will support you by tracking your progress and sending you update reports and notifications.  We can analyze and adjust the plan as needed throughout the year.  Let’s start planning together!

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