By being a part of Halon Private Client, you have several ways to communicate with your team: You can email, use the chat feature on our website, or setup a team meeting within your dashboard. With multiple options, it can sometimes be difficult to know which one will serve you better, and that of course depends on the circumstances.

So, when should I email Halon and when should I set a Team Meeting?


Tried and true, email is going to be the best option for most of your questions and discussions. It might be tempting to setup a team meeting if you have a complicated specific tax question, but by sending that question through email, it not only gives the CPA time to research the topic, but gives them time to write a thoughtful response. If you have a simple tax/bookkeeping/accounting question as well, email will get you a much quicker response, usually same day. Here are situations where sending an email is going to be the best way to communicate:

  • Specific questions about your tax return (example: “Why does it say I owe $3,300 to Tennessee, I thought Tennessee had no income tax?”, or “What does the number in the accumulated adjustment account mean to me?”). 
  • Tax return adjustments. If you find things on your return that need to be adjusted, send an email and we will follow up as quickly as possible. 
  • General or specific questions about accounting or bookkeeping (example: “I bought a car through the business, how should that be classified in QuickBooks?” or “ I put $1,000 of my own money into the business, and put it to a loan from shareholder account, is that correct?")
  • S-corp payroll questions. This is a question we get all the time, and we can answer very quickly through email: “How much should I be paying myself as a W2 employee, being the owner of the S-corp?” or “How do I setup payroll, is that something you can help me with?”
  • S-corp election questions (example: “Does it make sense for me to classify my business as an S-corporation?” or “How do I convert my business to an S-corporation?”). 
  • 1099/W9 questions (example: “Who do I need to send a 1099 to”, and “I paid a contractor $1,200 during the year, do I need a W9 from him?” 
  • Questions about tax return process. (example: “What do I need to do so you can start on the business return?”)
  • How to proceed with questions about business. Whether it’s Halon asking, or a state department of revenue, there might be questions you aren’t sure the answer to. Email those over, and we will investigate them. 
  • Tax planning adjustments. If there are items on your tax projection that need to be altered, send us what needs to be corrected in an email, and we will adjust it right away. 
  • Estimated tax questions – do I need to make them, and if so, how much should I pay?
  • IRS or state income tax notices. If you receive a notice from the IRS or state, send them over in an email, and your CPA will go over the next steps to take. 
  • Any question that probably doesn’t have a follow up question, just a one-off question that needs to be answered. 

Sometimes when we read an email, we might decide that a team meeting will better suit the situation, so we’ll reach out and request that we set one up. 

Team Meeting

When you login to your Halon Private Client dashboard, you’ll notice a button to “Schedule Team Meeting”. Clicking that will take you to a calendar, where you pick a day and time that works for you, and it books a meeting with your CPA right there. Team meetings are perfect for situations where there are multiple things to discuss, or something that is involved enough where there is going to be a few rounds of follow-up questions. It could also be used for questions that you’re not sure how to ask, and it’s easier to talk over the phone. Here are situations where scheduling a team meeting is going to be the best way for you to communicate: 

  • Questions that are too long to type out in an email because they are too involved, or there are too many variables. 
  • Tax return review. If you are looking at your tax return, and feel like numbers are off, or you want to dive into something on the return a bit deeper and discuss, schedule a team meeting. 
  • Tax planning projection and strategy. If you have the tax planning package, and you’d like to discuss how to implement certain tax strategies we’ve outlined, or just want to go over the projection to ensure it’s correct, schedule a team meeting, and we’ll go over it together. 
  • If you have a situation or question that’s somewhat complex, or hard to put into words, schedule a team meeting. 

If you need to reach someone right away, your best option is going to be the website chat. 


Every time you login to your Halon account, there’s a chat bubble in the lower right that you can use to chat with customer support, and they’re there to take care of questions about your account, software issues, trouble getting into your account, or very basic questions. 

They aren’t CPAs, so they aren’t going to be able to answer specific tax or accounting questions, but they’re very helpful if you need to chat with someone immediately. 

From time to time we do have members of the tax team on chat, so you may get what you are looking for right away but that is usually more in the off season than during tax season when most tax team members are reviewing returns.

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