You can add personal tax return preparation to any business return.  Personal returns are only $399. If your business has more than 1 owner, additional returns can be purchased for $399 each.

Your personal tax return, the Form 1040, can be prepared as soon as your corporate return is complete.  The process starts by sending us your tax documents and completing our tax interview.

There are 3 ways to send your tax information to us:

  • You can use your phone to scan the documents directly to your Halon account.
  • You can upload documents to your Halon account.
  • or you can mail all of the documents to us in an envelope (3-5 days for processing).

Once your documents are loaded and the Halon 1040 interview is complete, we will review the information and communicate any questions you might have.  The interview has an area to tell us information in note form or with attachments too.

In many cases, we may ask for a short phone call, just to make sure our accountants are on the same page as you.

Halon then prepares the personal tax return (includes your federal return and 1 state return) and provides a copy for you to review.  If you have questions, you can contact our support team and even talk to your CPA if needed.

Once you have reviewed your return, you can sign it electronically, and Halon efiles it for you.  The entire process can be done in as little as 12 hours.

The Elite package includes year-round tax support and you can purchase audit support for a small fee as well.  

If you are interested in tax planning and tax strategies, Halon offers a tax planning module that you can add on for just $199.  If you want to read more about our tax planning service, click here

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